Insurance Loss Draft Process Management

Property damage happens. Protect your collateral risk with Altisource insurance loss draft process management

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Natural disasters and other adverse events can damage the collateral securing your loan portfolio, exposing your portfolio to financial risk.

Although insurance partially helps to limit exposure by providing financial coverage, what processes and controls can you employ to help ensure the proper utilization of insurance proceeds to rebuild or repair the collateral to its original value?

Altisource® Insurance Loss Draft Process Management helps you to stay in control throughout the process of rebuilding or repairing damaged property securing your loan portfolio, helping to further protect you from potential risk and financial losses.

Established processes, along with client specific customizations, enable effective loan level monitoring and provide controlled disbursement of loss draft funds through appropriate documentation and inspections.

Altisource Insurance Loss Draft Process Management can help you to more effectively manage your collateral risk.



  • Manages process end-to-end

    We’re a one-stop shop for your loss draft process requirements. We manage everything from receipt of claims funds by homeowners to the confirmation of repairs and completion of the final disbursements.

  • Mitigates financial risk

    We provide effective loan level monitoring to ensure proper use of insurance proceeds from loss claims - helping to protect your collateral.

  • Provides high quality, fast, sensitive customer service

    Keeping your customers happy is our utmost priority. We strive to ensure the highest quality of customer service and fast response times.

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